An Improved Quake C Compiler


For an enduring period of time the options for a decent compiler for the Quake C programming language were confined to a specific compiler known as QCC. Attempts were made to extend and improve upon the design of QCC, but many foreseen the consequences of building on a broken foundation. The solution was obvious, a new compiler; one born from the NIH realm of sarcastic wit. We welcome you. You won't find a better Quake C compiler.

Modern Compiler Design

GMQCC Imploys several modern strategies for lexing, parsing, understanding and generating executable bytecode. These stratagies are unlike anything present in any existing QuakeC compiler. With them GMQCC is capable of generating correct optimal byte code while preventing you from writing broken code.

Compatability With Code

GMQCC is committed to keeping backwards compatability with your existing QuakeC code, to do this we support the oddities, and otherwise broken or incorrect behaviour of existing compilers such as QCC and FTEQCC, so that you can rest easy knowing your code will work.

Obtain The Development Repository

If you're interested on used the latest, you may obtain the development repository as such

$ git clone git://
$ cd gmqcc
$ make

Support or Contact

Having trouble with GMQCC? Join our IRC channel at #gmqcc on or contact Us